About Us

About Us

Our Mission

The objectives of the society shall be:

To promote the practice, and professional and allied interests of otorhinolaryngology.

To define and establish relationships amongst otorhinolaryngologists, and between them and hospitals, public and private institutions, government authorities, the South African Medical Association, the medical profession generally, and the public.

To hold or arrange for the holding of as many meetings of all members of the Society as possible.

To pay out of the funds of the society all grants, costs, charges and expenses considered by the Executive Committee to be preliminary or incidental to the promotion, formation, establishment, registration and advertising of the society.

President’s Report


The Executive Committee consists of the President, Past President, Secretary, Treasurer and six members of the Society. The President, Secretary and Treasurer constitute the Steering Committee of the Society and holds office for three years. The Past President is elected ex-officio, and holds office for three years. The six ordinary members of the Executive Committee hold office for two years.

The Executive Committee of the Society is elected by popular vote at a General Meeting of the Society.

Executive Meetings are chaired by the President and, in his absence, by an Executive Member elected at the Meeting.

The Executive Committee has the power to temporarily co-opt any member of the Society as an additional member for special purposes.

The President may appoint a member of the Society in the event of a vacancy occurring on any committee during an interval between General Meetings. The Member so appointed holds office until the next General Meeting of the Society.

Latest Information

If you have some information that you feel would be of use to your colleagues then please contact Janette Pieters at admin@entsociety.co.za or 011 340 9020