Membership Prerequisites

Membership Prerequisites

Ordinary Membership
Any person who is a registered medical practitioner within the Republic of South Africa, provided that his or hers professional practice is confined solely to the practice of otorhinolaryngology, will be elligible for Ordinary Membership.

Affiliate Members
Members of specific interest groups may become affiliate members of the Society. This category is designed to accommodate: Health professionals.

Otorhinolaryngologists who are not registered to practice in South Africa as such but wish to be associated with the Society. Affiliate members will be elected by majority vote of the Executive Committee of the Society, after application in writing to the Secretary. They have no vote in the affairs of the Society.

Registrar Members
All post-graduate students registered at a teaching institution in the Republic of South Africa as a post-graduate student in the specialty of otorhinolaryngology will be deemed eligible for Registrar Membership. The terms of membership, including those of fees, will be decided upon from time to time by the Executive Committee. Registrar members do not have the right to vote in the affairs of the Society.

Honorary Membership
The Society has the power to elect to Honorary Membership such persons as the Executive Committee may from time to time recommend, in such manner as the Executive Committee sees fit. Honorary Members shall have such privileges as may be conferred on the by the Executive Committee but will have none of the liabilities of ordinary members and have no vote in the affairs of the Society.

Candidates for membership in any category will ordinarily be elected by majority vote of the Executive Committee of the Society after being duly proposed and seconded by a member of the Society.A member will remain a member until the membership is terminated either by resignation in writing addressed to the Secretary of the Society, or by decision of the Executive Committee of the Society, when the decision must be unanimous. Membership may be automatically suspended if after one year, due subscription or other dues have not been paid. Reinstatement on payment of subscriptions and dues in arrear, may be effected at any time.